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Are you a woman who likes to dance upon this earth?

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The Trail Dames Podcast is just for you.


Nov 13, 2018

Regina Reiter is an incredible woman who shows us all what it is like to take an unhappy event and use it to completely change her life. Through the loss of a job, Regina found herself at somewhat of a crossroads in her life. She had heard of the Appalachian Trail, and this tiny little seed of an idea began to take place. What started as a few day hikes here and there, quickly grew into longer and longer outings until she knew that she had to give the whole thing a go.
And being who she is, she did complete that hike. And many, many others! But Regina did not stop there. During her hike, she had developed a desire to want to help other women hike the trail. She started Forgiveness Walks, a business where she coaches others in overcoming their fears, obstacles, and resistance so that they can find their own success on any trail. She also went on to become a Ridge Runner, helping hikers through education and living her own commitment to the trail. Oh, and along the way, she found the time and energy to become a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, through which Regina combines her trail guide experience to offer a unique holistic inner and outer journey.
Join us as Regina talks about her journey to the trail, her many thru-hikes, and the tools that she uses to help her achieve her goals. And last, but not least, follow the link below to learn about her own Meet the Mountains technique. Regina created this in hopes that we can all learn to love the uphill journey we all so often find ourselves on. She has a free guide to the Meet the Mountains technique, both video and mp3, on her site as a gift to us all.