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Dec 22, 2018

2018 Ten Gift Ideas
1.  A membership to an organization that is truly meaningful and helpful to the Trails. ATC, AHS, Florida Trail Association, your local trail association ($45 and up)
2.  Judy Gross new Under Shorts ($30)  
3.  Healthy Hiking – Lucky Sheep all-cotton sleeping bags ($300-400)
4.  Hiking Health Stocking Stuffers – Body Glide, duct tape, miniature baby powder, sports band-aids etc.
5.  Hiking poles – Good ones! ($80 and up)
6.  A trail food bouquet – ramen, summer sausage, Little Debbie’s, individual peanut butter tubes, etc. (10 cents and up)
7.  A roll of doggie poop bags- to clean the trail as we hike- $6 and up.
8.  A copy of "48 Peaks: Hiking and Healing in the White Mountains" by Cheryl Suchors
plus other self-published hiking books ($10-12)
9.  A list of podcasts they can dream from
10.  A letter telling your hiker that you believe in them – cost: $0, meaning: priceless
Finally, a TD membership is the gift that keeps on giving
We're Gonna Dance Upon This Earth!