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Apr 27, 2021

Shadi Ganjavian-Connor has an extraordinary talent for inspiring others, fueled quite simply by her sole desire to help the world in any way she can. Shadi has extensive and diverse marketing experience working with companies such as Marks & Spencer, Harrods, B&Q, and ID Technology Group, leading the marketing strategy, communication and project management for several successful high-profile campaigns. Shadi is also co-founder of the community interest company, SHAPE Hampshire, which has been established to introduce Mind, Body and Education support to Hampshire Schools.

Over the years Shadi has constantly been involved in kick-starting fundraising and awareness for many community projects such as establishing a community centre in Egypt, raising the profile of The Little Princess Trust by engaging National TV and Newspapers in, what is now a popular national campaign encouraging hair donation to provide wigs to young cancer and alopecia patients. One of Shadi’s most innovative projects to date was to initiate a design project with O’Neil Wetsuits, for a Marwell Zoo resident penguin named Ralph who was in desperate need of a wetsuit!

Setting her sights higher and higher (quite literally), in June 2016, Shadi climbed Mont Blanc to raise money and awareness for the Teenage Cancer Trust and in 2017 despite her continued fear of heights and dread of cold weather, embarked upon scaling the infamous Matterhorn mountain. This challenge was aimed at flying the flag on the summit, on behalf of children’s charity The Murray Parish Trust. This huge fundraising project raised over £30,000 towards a £2 Million goal which was reached in November 2018. As part of this campaign TEAM GC also organized the Make A Difference Ball in May 2018 raising a further £45,000 and shared her experience through several television and radio interviews.
These days, Shadi can be found giving a series of talks designed to inspire others that, with self-belief and determination, anything can be achieved no matter what the circumstances.

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