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Are you a woman who likes to dance upon this earth?

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Sep 14, 2021

Audrey Scanlan serves as the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Central Pennsylvania - an elected position that gives her oversight of 60 churches and 11,000 folks who belong to the Episcopal Church in the region. Conveniently, the AT runs right through the middle of the area that she oversees! She lives just 4 miles from a trailhead in the middle of the Cumberland Valley (PA) which is one of the most gentle (read: flat) sections of the entire AT! Audrey tries to get out on the trail at least once during the week and walk and run around the cornfields in our neighborhood on most mornings.

Audrey was ordained in her mid-40s after two other careers; one as a restaurant chef, and another working in the guidance department of my town's elementary school. She grew up and lived in Northwestern CT until moving to PA almost 6 years ago. She will be 63 in September.
She loves to cook, still, and is happiest in the kitchen, or out on the trail.

Audrey and her husband Glenn have three children and two toddler grandsons who they are going "love up" as soon as Covid is over!
And, like lots of folks, some day... she wants to thru-hike the AT. :) :)

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