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Are you a woman who likes to dance upon this earth?

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The Trail Dames Podcast is just for you.


Apr 23, 2019

Make sure to fuel your body when you hike!! This Lagniappe episode will give you great ideas of what to eat and how to pack it. We will share some sources for great hiking snacks, as well as telling you what might not make the best food to throw in your backpack. And finally, we also make the case for fueling yourself properly in order to get the very best hiking experience you can!

Links for great sources for trail food:

Watermelon Road - Awesome vegan dehydrated snacks, including their famous Smoky Balsamic Eggplant Jerky

Primal Foods Jerky - Meatless Vegan jerky with lots of selection

Mighty Bee - Coconut Jerky in three awesome flavors

Best Bars for Hiking - a great article outlining some choices out there - a great site for bulk nuts and dried fruit, with a little jerky thrown in

Perky Jerky, a great selection of jerkies for our carnivore friends