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Are you a woman who likes to dance upon this earth?

You are? Then you've come to the right place.

The Trail Dames Podcast is just for you.


Oct 25, 2022

Bio- I am a soulful coach and heart-led content creator who is following my soul’s calling to cultivate greater love, inner strength, and healing in the world. I approach my clients with warmth, understanding, and honesty.

As an overcomer of childhood sexual trauma, addiction, domestic abuse, and chronic illness, I devoted many years to healing myself. Yet, I still struggled to maintain healthy relationships, even into adulthood.

I liberated myself from these toxic patterns for good by delving deep into shadow work, meditation, Taoism, ancestral healing, and intersectional feminism. My approach to successful inner healing has been both spiritual and intellectual.

Now I’d like to share my wisdom with you. I am dedicated to helping you build deep self love, to liberate yourself from toxic beliefs and systems, and to finally experience healthy love that lasts.

Much love, light, and shadow,

Song Kim

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