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May 23, 2023

In 2005 Debbie founded a non-profit, Beyond the Finish Line, in 2006 (dissolved in 2011) which purpose was to help disadvantaged women gain self-esteem and self-confidence through fitness and nutrition. In 2007, she joined the national marathon training organization, USA FIT, as its president and in 2020 had the opportunity of becoming the owner.

In addition to marathon and half marathon racing, she became an avid hiker. Her most memorable hikes were the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu, Bryce Canyon, Juno Alaska, Olympic National Park, Big Bend and Moab. It is through her experiences of running marathons and adventure hiking that she became aware of the disadvantage that women had when having to pee outdoors in privacy. She became inspired to design pants that unzip so a woman does not have to pull down her pants – like men’s pants have always had.  Zip Hers was founded in 2019 after two years of research and development and production.   In addition to outdoor adventurers, Zip Hers has specially designed adaptive tights for women who are wheelchair-dependent so their medical and bathroom needs are handled in a more convenient and comfortable manner.

Debbie has been on the Boards of Directors for many non-profits which missions were to encourage disadvantaged women and individuals with special needs to gain self-esteem, self-confidence and learn life skills through fitness and nutrition.

Debbie’s goal for Zip Hers is to expand the Zip Hers line to include other sports and outdoor activities and health care providers for wheelchair dependent women and the elderly.

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