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May 30, 2023

Lisa has been in education for over 30 years, serving in private schools and public schools in the roles of teacher, administrator, and consultant. In October 2020, she was named a Postulant for Holy Orders to the Priesthood in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

Lisa has always loved doing things in nature. Growing up, her family spent vacations car camping. That tradition continued as her daughters were born and grew up and as a single mom, she continued vacations car-camping and day hiking local trails.
Lisa will be celebrating her 20th year as a breast cancer survivor this year. She became more serious about backpacking when she decided to participate in "Seek-the-Peak" in the White Mountains as a way to celebrate being a cancer survivor in 2012.
Lisa and her husband Mark, and their dog Emmie live in York, PA. They have 4 adult children who live relatively nearby and this year, they became grandparents.
Lisa has just finished her second year in Seminary and is three weeks away from accomplishing her dream of hiking the Camino De Santigo (Primitivo Route).

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