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Oct 22, 2019

Melissa Zimmerman is an architectural consultant who stumbled into hiking three years ago. (Literally. She really needs to watch for those troublesome tree roots.) From the first time she saw a picture of Machu Picchu, she knew she needed to see it in person. Then she heard about Choquequirao, which is only accessed by hiking, and decided she'd see them both. That settled, she did her best to get in peak condition before jetting off to Peru for a grand adventure with her mom, Karen.

 Melissa grew up in Iowa, went to college in California, and now lives in Georgia with her amazing boyfriend Nick and crazy cute dog Evey. She loves hiking with the Georgia Trail Dames, cooking/baking, playing board games, and traveling.  As she crisscrosses the country for her job, she tries to look for interesting places to go for a hike or at least a walk.

Note- Photos of Choquequirao taken by Kevin Floerke.  For more of his work, see links below.