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Are you a woman who likes to dance upon this earth?

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The Trail Dames Podcast is just for you.


Feb 12, 2019

Have you ever tromped down the trail in the snow and ice? There is a special kind of peace and beauty that awaits those who are brave enough to go out in the winter. Join our host Anna Huthmaker as she welcomes guests Cindy Denise and Laura Donovan, accomplished winter hikers, and Head Dames for two of the New York Trail Dames chapters. Snowshoes, clothing, micro-spikes…no topic goes un-discussed as we help get you ready to hit the trail in winter.

Cindy Denise- Cindy has lived in the Hudson Valley for most of her life. While she spent two years in Pennsylvania and 9 months in Florida, she always yearned to be back in the Catskills. Cindy says that she can't remember a time when hiking has not been part of her life. She has hiked all the peaks in the Catskills over 3,500 feet with four hiked again during the winter. Although she is proud of this accomplishment, her favorite treks now are those that have a trail to follow with a reward at the end such as a glorious view or a waterfall to rest near. These days, Cindy shares her knowledge with women in New York by being the Head Dame of the Central Hudson chapter of Trail Dames, where she often takes them out in the ice and the snow. The Dames are so lucky to have her!

Laura Donovan- When asked about herself, Laura Donovan says “two things run in my blood–hiking and teaching.” Several years ago, after moving up to New York, Laura found herself teaching music in the schools during the week and traversing the hiking trails of the Adirondacks during her weekends. For years, she had done lots and lots of hiking, in Georgia, South Carolina, and Vermont, much of it solo. While she had heard of Trail Dames when living down South, it wasn’t until she moved back home that she decided to merge her two passions and start a Trail Dames chapter of her own. In addition to being an advocate for Body Positivity, and LGBTQ issues, she wanted to help other women find the same joy in the outdoors that she does. These days, more often than not, you will find her weekends spent surrounded by other women, laughing and learning together, regardless of the weather. Snow or ice, you will find her on the trail where Laura is not only bringing her talent for leadership and love for adventure to the table but inspiring and motivating women. Her goal is to create a safe place for women to find their own love for the outdoors. All of us, her students, her friends, and her Dames, are lucky to know her!