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Are you a woman who likes to dance upon this earth?

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Mar 8, 2022

Megan Militello | Founder + CEO at Elevated Oats | Army Staff Sergeant | MS, Embry-Riddle | Mountaineer

As an Army air traffic controller, Megan held key leadership and trainer positions, learned first-hand how to run a highly coordinated operation, and received a bronze star during her second Iraq deployment. She continued air traffic in the DOD and FAA, but ultimately felt unfulfilled, and following a lifelong goal of being an entrepreneur, Megan combined her passion for healthy eating and helping others to create Elevated Oats. She has built Elevated Oats using the principles that ensure an organized and a ready to scale company. Megan embodies the Elevated Oats customer by living an elevated and healthy lifestyle and mountaineering her way through Alaska.

Lacey Ernandes | Co-Founder + Brand Builder at Elevated Oats | BFA, RMCAD | Army Staff Sergeant

A 10-year US Army Veteran, Lacey held key leadership positions and was directly responsible for the training and management of over 20 personnel during her military service as an air traffic controller. Having served on 2 deployments, Lacey left the Army to pursue goals that fulfilled her mind, body, and soul. Returning to her roots as a visual artist, Lacey earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a focus in graphic design from RMCAD. Today, she creates all of Elevated Oats' graphics and branding in-house and manages the administrative and operational functions as the Chief Operating Officer. Lacey believes that living elevated begins in the mind; through practicing positive mental habits, anyone can change their life.

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