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Are you a woman who likes to dance upon this earth?

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Mar 28, 2023

Bio- I’ve been coaching for over a decade. Before I was a coach, I spent many years teaching science to middle schoolers, and it was there that I learned how to make the complex simple, how to connect honestly and authentically, and how important it is to pay attention to the whole of a person.

Years ago, during a time when I was overwhelmed and overworked, I visited a meditation labyrinth not far from my home and discovered this quote at the base of a bench: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” — Mary Oliver

Everything shifted inside me as my eyes filled with tears and I recognized I’d lost my truest path. I made big changes in my life, including embarking on a six month solo hike of the Appalachian Trail. That journey completely changed my relationship with fear, when I learned how little I need to be deeply happy, and how strong I actually am. Later I read the full poem that houses this wild and precious quote, learning that it was a call to do less, not more, “to be idle and blessed.”

I’ve lived in New Orleans most of my adult life, with my dear husband of 26 years.  This city has taught me to celebrate the everyday, to feast on all occasions, and to cherish neighbors and community. My marriage has taught me that nothing is more precious than having a fellow human to go through life with who loves you, knows you and makes you laugh every day.

I start every morning in nature, sitting in the grass in my front yard with my cat, watching in wonder as the birds, squirrels, lizards and insects that share our little patch of land begin their day.

I craft my days with room for relaxation and wandering. And when I’m working, I’m supporting people to discover their own wild and precious path.

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