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Aug 26, 2019


Cheryl Torain


This month’s podcast features world traveler, marathoner, climber and adventurer Cheryl Torain.

Cheryl began to travel in her 20’s, going to Germany, Denmark, France and Sweden.  That was only her first trip, but she fell in love with travel and she has been on the road ever since. In addition to her journeying, Cheryl began running as an adult and within a few years, was participating in 10K races. In 1998, she registered for a marathon training program to run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, assuming that it would be a “one and done” kind of race. However, she became hooked on long distance running and has gone on to run 60+ marathons in 26 states, 16 countries and five continents




She spent her whole adult life pursuing travel and running adventures, but it wasn’t until 2012 when, after 32 years of service to the Federal government, Cheryl decided to retire and throw herself into the pursuit of her travel and fitness dreams.  One of the first things she did was to plan her first backpacking trip.  What was meant to be a 100-mile trek on the Appalachian Trail was cut short when she broke her wrist on the first day, two hours into the trip! She had to leave the next day. However, she refused to let that injury get in the way of her goals.  She went back one year later for a 50-mile, one-week backpacking trip. After completing that with no mishaps, she was hooked.  

That trek, future backpack trips and her ongoing marathon travels, led her to set her sights on a slightly taller goal.  She was going to attempt Mount Kilimanjaro.

Join us as she tells us all about climbing the highest peak in Africa, backpacking on the Appalachian Trail and running across continents……all at the age of 62. 



Running, backpacking/hiking and cycling have allowed me to relax and live a stress free life, and, also travel the world. Most of my vacations now include a marathon or half marathon. I get to run through a city, enjoy the sites and have great experiences. I am free to be me, no worries. Really, no worries! 

 The running community is special. No matter where I am, I can meet a runner. Whether it’s at the gym, a race, a community event, or on vacation. Runners will always connect with other runners. We have a look about us that tells the world who we are. The expression “six degrees of separation,” definitely applies to runners. I get to meet people from my neighborhood, around the country and around the world, and, while I may not get to see or talk to them on a regular basis, we are friends for life!”    -Cheryl Torain




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